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Maia is running for Fundacji NON IRON

On September 29th, I’m running in the 7th High Five Race. I want my start to mean more than just a race. You can help me. Support charity organisation, which I run for and help those who need our help. The kids that Non Iron supports need every penny.

My challenge

break 25 min
Maia has already collected :
1 600
Race kit
My target : 1 300 zł

The NON IRON Foundation

Just as You, we believe that sport builds strength and forges character. For the last two years we have been pursuing the idea of upbringing through physical education. We are facilitating regular sport classes for young people from socially deprived backgrounds. Thanks to Non Iron already more then 200 kids and youngsters participate in regular physical activities in variety of sports disciplines. Run for our foundation and help us finance another year of sport activities for kids. Together we can support a better "start" into their lives. Run for our kids and become their hero. You will not find greater fans! więcej »

90% zebranej kwoty trafia na konto wybranej organizacji dobroczynnej, 10% zebranej kwoty jest przeznaczane na utrzymanie i rozwój akcji #BiegamDobrze oraz inne cele statutowe Fundacji „Maraton Warszawski”. Regulamin »