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Magdalena biegnie dla Amnesty International

24 września pobiegnę w 5. Biegu na Piątkę. Chcę, aby mój start był czymś więcej niż tylko wyścigiem i możesz mi w tym pomóc. Wesprzyj cel charytatywny, na który biegnę czyli Amnesty International. Pomóż mi pomagać innym :-)
Magdalena has already collected :
Race kit

Amnesty International

We are a global movement of over 7 million people, who are fighting for human rights. We want to live in a world, where there is no place for discrimination and every civil person is protected during armed conflicts. We stand on the side of those convicted of their views, and we believe that those, who violate human rights should be judged. So far, our advocacy activities changed legacy systems in many countries. Join Human Rights Team and inspire people to fight against injustice in this world! więcej »