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fabien is running for Fundacji Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę

This will be my first registration to a marathon. I wanted to do it for challenge myself. I discover much more that we are able to run not only to pas the line after more that 40 km but also help other people in the needs. I would like you through this race to support me on this effort. Any donation is welcome !
fabien has already collected :
Race kit

Empowering Children Foundation

For the last 26 years, the Empowering Children Foundation has been striving to make sure all children have a safe childhood and are treated with respect for their dignity and subjectivity. We protect children from harm and help those who have experienced violence to know their rights, believe in themselves and enjoy life. więcej »

90% zebranej kwoty trafia na konto wybranej organizacji dobroczynnej, 10% zebranej kwoty jest przeznaczane na utrzymanie i rozwój akcji #BiegamDobrze oraz inne cele statutowe Fundacji „Maraton Warszawski”. Regulamin »