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"Bras Jorge " runs for Fundacji "Na Ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową"

Our team is a family team running for charity but also for fun.
Drużyna "Bras Jorge" has already collected :
5 000
Race kit

"Saving Kids with Cancer" Foundation

Our mission is to allow every child suffering of cancer to recover. Join us on a run for a just cause! Support children with cancer with your energy and commitment – your help will let them win their race for life and health. They face the ultimate challenge – overcoming cancer – on a daily basis. Your support will make them feel better. Thank you! #savingkidswithcancer więcej »

90% zebranej kwoty trafia na konto wybranej organizacji dobroczynnej, 10% zebranej kwoty jest przeznaczane na utrzymanie i rozwój akcji #BiegamDobrze oraz inne cele statutowe Fundacji „Maraton Warszawski”. Regulamin »