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Marcin i Spartanie Dzieciom

Wesprzyjmy tych, którzy potrzebują naszej pomocy!

My challenge

Każdy kilometr za 25 zł!
Marcin has already collected :
1 300
Race kit
My target : 1 025 zł

Fundacja Spartanie Dzieciom

Surely, you often see us on road running courses. It is we, the Spartans for Kids! We run in costumes of ancient warriors and raise money for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation equipment for disabled children. We have helped more than 100 kids and collected more than 300,000 PLN. Now YOU CAN BE A SPARTAN as well. Join the Biegam Dobrze charity action and support children under our care joining the Spartans and the Warsaw Mermaid on a distance of over 21 kilometers. więcej »