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Marcin biegnie dla Fundacji Rak'n'Roll. Wygraj Życie!

27 marca 2022 r. pobiegnę w 16. Półmaratonie Warszawskim.
Chcę, aby mój start był czymś więcej niż tylko wyścigiem.
Możesz mi w tym pomóc.
Wesprzyj cel charytatywny, na który biegnę i pomóż tym, którzy potrzebują naszej pomocy!

#run for charity

The Rak’n’Roll Foundation promotes a different perspective on cancer and acts towards improvement of the cancer patients’ quality of life.
The Foundation was initiated in October 2009 by Magda Prokopowicz, who, following her own cancer experience, wanted to support other cancer patients facing the same challenges.

From the very beginning, our goal was to introduce a new standard of the public debate on cancer. To break the taboo around cancer, to spread positive energy.

Owing to the whole Rak’n’Roll concept, women with cancer started fighting for their femininity despite the disease and for their right to go through cancer with dignity and be more aware as patients.
Marcin has already collected :
Race kit

Rak'n'Roll - Win Your Life! Foundation.

Rak'n'Roll - Win Your Life! Foundation changes the way of thinking about cancer and works to improve the quality of life of patients. It helps to get through cancer: go through treatment with dignity, live joyfully and well. It creates programs that respond to gaps in the healthcare system and addresses the needs of patients and their relatives. Due to the increasing scale of the problem, the Foundation makes life difficult for cancer, working for healthy choices, behaviors and self-care every day. więcej »

90% zebranej kwoty trafia na konto wybranej organizacji dobroczynnej, 10% zebranej kwoty jest przeznaczane na utrzymanie i rozwój akcji #BiegamDobrze oraz inne cele statutowe Fundacji „Maraton Warszawski”. Regulamin »