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Jeremy is running backwards for UNICEF - look after the left-behinds

On September 26th, 2021, I will run in 43rd Warsaw Marathon. It will be my first marathon. As always, helping every child is a very important thing to me.

Why running backwards ? I've picked this symbol, to show I care about those who've been left behind. Helping children in need, worldwide, is the reason why I've picked UNICEF to run for.

My challenge

I will run 1km backwards for every thousand PLN collected (up to 5km, consecutive).
Jeremy has already collected :
Race kit
My target : 5 000 zł


We’re looking for runners like you to take part in one of the most exciting running events in Poland – the 38th PZU Warsaw Marathon! People who are not indifferent to the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world. We have been providing help and saving their lives for over 70 years now. From lifesaving vaccines, through the construction of schools and the immediate help during emergencies - we do everything to make the children’s lives better. If you share our belief that every child, regardless of the place of birth, skin color or religion, have the right to safe and healthy childhood - join Team UNICEF! Thank you. więcej »