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Joanna znów biegnie dla Fundacji SYNAPSIS

I znów 27 września 2020r. pobiegnę w Maratonie Warszawskim. To będzie mój 13 start w tej imprezie i 98 (chyba) maraton w życiu :) Jak zawsze pobiegnę dla osób z autyzmem i Fundacji SYNAPSIS. Dorzuć się!
Joanna has already collected :
Race kit

SYNAPSIS Foundation.

There is no cure for autism. However, there is SYNAPSIS Foundation, which for 30 years has been changing the world for people with autism. Help us to be faster than autism in children: collect money for diagnosis and therapy. This will support autistic children in achieving their own world record - ability to live independently. Hurry up! Be faster than autism! więcej »